One Simple Treatment Can Save Your Child’s Smile | Dr. Regina Chan

Considering Dental Sealants for Your Child: Insights from Smile Loft Dentistry with Dr. Regina Chan

During your child’s visit to our office, our dentist, Dr. Regina Chan, may recommend dental sealants as a preventive measure against tooth decay. Understanding the procedure and its benefits can significantly impact your child’s oral health journey.

The Importance of Sealants
Dental sealants act as a protective barrier against decay, particularly on the back teeth where cavities commonly occur. While sealants are often recommended for children and teenagers, adults can also benefit from this treatment. Back teeth, being harder to reach and clean properly, are more susceptible to decay. Sealants can prevent up to 80% of decay within the first two years and continue to offer protection for up to four years, reducing the risk of decay by 50%. Children without sealants are at a significantly higher risk of developing tooth decay compared to those with sealants.

Ideal Timing for Sealants
Typically, a child’s first set of molars appears around age six, followed by the second set around age twelve. It’s advisable to discuss sealants with our dentist to determine the best approach for maintaining the health of your child’s molars. Sealants are most effective when applied soon after the molars erupt. Regular dental check-ups with our dentist will help identify the optimal timing for sealant application.

What to Expect During the Procedure
Sealant application is a straightforward process performed in our office. It involves cleaning your child’s teeth thoroughly, applying a special gel, and then sealing the teeth with a clear sealant. The sealant is hardened using a blue light, with no discomfort associated with the procedure.

Addressing Concerns
Sealants are safe, and allergic reactions are rare. However, it’s essential to inform our dentist of any allergies your child may have to ensure the best course of action. Our team will address any concerns you may have before proceeding with the treatment.

Follow-Up and Maintenance
Sealants can last for several years before needing to be reapplied. Regular dental visits are crucial for monitoring the condition of the sealants and overall oral health. If you’re unsure about the status of your child’s sealants or if they require reapplication, schedule an appointment with us for a thorough evaluation.

For additional tips on maintaining healthy teeth or to inquire about dental sealants, feel free to reach out to Smile Loft Dentistry. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Regina Chan, is committed to ensuring your child’s optimal oral health and well-being.

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